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Things That Go Bump in the Night: Here There Be Monsters" is a must-read for


Don't miss out on the AI revolution! The AI Compass is your essential guide to

The Placeholder

"An unexpectedly tender story with the panache and steaminess of a romance."

The Space Traveller’s Lover

Book Excellence Award Finalist in Science-Fiction

Night Music

Great characters, great dialogue. This is just some really good writing. The plot keeps you

Heal Gorgeous

"Heal Gorgeous: Wisdom Within You Knows the Way - A poetic journey towards inner healing,


This is an excellent read chock full of surprises great and small! If you like

The Gladio Protocol

"The Gladio Protocol" is an electrifying action thriller that grabs hold of your attention from

A Medium’s Birthday Surprise

This is a marvelous novel with a paranormal flavor and is perfect for everyone who

The World Without Mirrors

I found it a cracking read and have bought others from this author.

The Movement

"Datta's head-spinning, time-bending Time Corrector science-fiction/romance epic continues, after The Winding, with this follow-up that

Lantern Across the Sea

Lantern Across the Sea by Michael Ponzio is a delightful romantic tale woven expertly into

The End of This Age

The author provides a detailed explanation of the book of Revelation and discusses various interpretations


Maya is a stunningly beautiful book that captures the essence of the immigrant experience in

Making Sense of Past Time – Novel

A journey of love, loss, but ultimately, a voyage of self discovery. A thoughtful novel

Lady of the Play

“Lady of the Play” is an interesting and intriguing plot, fascinating characters, outstanding research and

Sober and Pissed Off

An honest look at the journey recovery takes a person. It's not all sunshine and

Unbroken Silence

"Great novel about geopolitics and military operations!"

In The Light of the Dark Black Night

DeNicola's writing style is beautiful and engaging, and her approach to dream work is both

Primal Instinct

"An enthralling dystopian tale that keeps you on the edge of your seat from beginning

Yoga Where You Are

“Yoga Where You Are is a beautiful and invaluable resource for students and teachers committed

Yoga for Everyone

“Yoga for Everyone is a celebration and a triumph! It not only powerfully illustrates that

Cherries – A Vietnam War Novel

As an avid reader of many historical memoirs, both fiction and autobiographical, rarely have I

The Pebble Champion

It is so very well written that you will not even notice the pages flying

The Adulterer’s Daughter

If you're a fan of psychological thrillers, The Adulterer's Daughter: A Novel is a must-read.


Ewing writes with such honesty, warmth and humour and it was a joy to read.

Squeeze Plays

An excellent, well-written novel that generates suspense, plot twists, and a fantastic conclusion.

The Picture Box

The author does a great job of creating interesting characters and a fast-paced narrative that

The Adulterer’s Handbook

The Adulterer's Handbook is a must-read for anyone who loves a suspenseful and thrilling read.

Making Your Own Trail

The book is well-written and easy to read, and the practical tips and exercises make

Loukas and the Game of Chance

A splendid folktale that may appeal to fans of short stories and folklore.

Crime Collection 3

Very interesting and different from other mysteries I have read. Will read others from this

Savage Suit

This is a nicely written story which leads to an enjoyable and compelling web page

Mothers Vol. 1

This novel is a moving tale of a mother's quest to give her children a

They Don’t Shoot Horses

I revel in mysteries, and this was once an fun read. the novel has a

Mildred In Disguise With Diamonds

"Another hilarious character from the sharp wit of author Toni Kief. At first, I wanted