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The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey: Radioactive!

Pippin’s River Rescue

Tickled into Submission: Mary Makes Skylar….

Training His Slave


Voices Unseen

The Wrong Side of the Flame

Disrupter How Dr. Connie’s Team Eradicated Smallpox in India

DEATH IN THE ORCHARD: Trudy Genova Mystery #3

An Unwanted Alliance

Crime Victims, A Buck Taylor Novel

Deceitful Intentions

Saint Bloodbath

These Thy Gifts

The Curse and the Cup

Black, White, and Gray All Over; a Black Man’s Odyssey in Life and Law Enforcement

Awakening A Leader’s Soul

Dixie’s Dilemma: Book Two of the Demon Dawgs MC New Orleans

What Would The Founding Fathers Tell Us Today?

A must read if interested in American politics. In this book, the author reflects on

The Ninth Passage

"The Ninth Passage" by Dale O. Cloninger offers a fictional tale based on real events,

Slip of the Tongue

Slip of the Tongue is a must-read for any fan of contemporary poetry. It is

A Skeleton in Bone Creek

What a run. Twist and turn. Researching topical application of bones,dust,mud,silt, and general soco findings

Viper’s Vendetta

Having females in an MC is rare but this book shows you not to mess


This is the sweetest of books. Jimmy Crikey is all about promoting good moral values.


"Kingmaker" explores the triumphs and trials of Leon Muller, a powerful figure in Wallachia's tumultuous

Murder Mansion

Donna is an RN (like me!) and wants to run a B&B. So she gets

A Tale of Two Systems

This book is an eye-opening first hand testimony of how life could be for a

CHOMP! Charlie Carter and the Monster Pike

David Rogers has a terrific and vivid imagination. A book written to appeal to all

People of the West

"People of the West" is a captivating anthology spanning 170 years, blending nine fictional tales


In "Boundaries," meet Bob Morgan, a versatile figure—bounty hunter, detective, actor. A master at reshaping


"Homesteader: Finding Sharon" unfolds in the challenging 1880s Canadian frontier. Hank James faces adversity as

The Great Liquor War

"The Great Liquor War" transports readers to 1885 Canada, amidst gold rush and railroad construction.

Love Hate Law – A Kramer-O’Hara Legal Romance

"Love-Hate-Law" weaves a gripping legal romance, fusing courtroom drama, passionate clashes, and societal complexities, offering

Shared Sorrows

"Shared Sorrows" delves into Frank DioGuardia's existential crisis triggered by a pivotal event at the