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Short Stories, Novellas, A Closet Drama


Betty and the Black Puppy is a story about a couple at the opposite ends of the spectrum after Betty rescues an abandoned puppy in the midst of heavy traffic in London. Binky’s Reverie describes a young Guyanese man’s unsuccessful pursuit of a romantic relationship with a Swedish woman

The Ballad of Calle & Maja offers two different ideas of love. In Two Girls in a Café, there is a toss-up after the girls claim to know a young man.

In The Eternal Struggle, James searches for the right woman, meets Maud and takes a bumpy ride. A Day in the Life of Charlie Cheddar is a lonely and frustrated poet who longs for a woman in his life. A new friend vows to change his fate.

Benji is a poet from an imaginary Caribbean island, in Getting It Right If Ever. He befriends a Swedish woman and seizes the opportunity to visit Sweden. The love relationship does not work well, however. Later, he becomes infatuated with another woman with a complicated love life. Benji remains optimistic about gaining the affection of the woman.

Strangers In Another Country is about a young Caribbean man’s life as an outsider in a predominantly white environment where racial discrimination is difficult to discern. Moby is reluctant to succumb to a victim’s image.

Darker than Blue – This Mortal Coil is a conglomeration of fantasy, comedy and satire. The appearance of inhabitants and their status quo range from pink, yellow, brown, and black. Boy Blue is an antihero, but a giant burdened with seasonal depression and personal misfortune. He faces ten years in prison for imaginary rape, unless he signs up for Dr Google’s experimental vaccine. Democracy is a hero struggling to survive against autocracy orchestrated by evil forces.

Tell Me Who My Enemy Is is a 4-act closet drama. A West Indian and Afro-American are not close friends. They have contradictory views on how black people should live in Sweden. Berry is proud to be a hospital porter. Sam describes himself as an art student. There is a dispute between the two men, of which Gun (Bank clerk) and Kerstin (auxiliary nurse) try to make sense. Both girls are Berry’s friends.

These stories have been published before, some as singles, others in a collection.

Book Reviews
Each story featured intense character development. I appreciate how each of these individuals has distinct qualities and emotions. This made each individual interesting, and I immediately got drawn into their struggles. Lawrence's description was also useful in helping me imagine each scene. The characters' thoughts, emotions, and circumstances were vividly conveyed. Because of the number of stories in this book, there were a lot of guesses and so much to look forward to in different plots, which excited me so much.
Light - Amazon Review

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