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Dixie’s Dilemma: Book Two of the Demon Dawgs MC New Orleans


Get Dirty With The Dawgs! These aren’t your typical heroes. This MC Romance Series has hot alpha males with smart and sassy females. These men protect the innocent and aren’t afraid to inflict biker justice. These fast-paced novels have plenty of action inside and outside the bedroom. Get ready to be seduced by these seductive outlaws!


After leaving Ireland for the Big Easy, I found my two greatest loves. Dixieland Jazz and Delphine Bardot. My love of Jazz earned me the road name Dixie. My love for Delphine has earned me nothing but heartache. We’re like oil and water. I’m forever destroying her walls, but she builds them almost as fast as I can tear them down. If I didn’t see the truth in her eyes, I’d have given up already. She loves me, but she’s scared to give in. Someone hurt her and I’ll do whatever is necessary to help her heal.


I have a secret. One that will destroy the two men in my life that I love more than anything. My son, Hex, and my love, Dixie. Only one other knows of this secret, the man I hate more than any other person in this world. I made a horrible sacrifice the day I finally got him out of my life, one that I’ve always regretted. Now he’s back, and he brings with him the power to destroy me, my son, and everything Hex has built. My secret will come out and I’ll likely lose the only man I’ve ever loved.

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