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“What happens at Grandma’s house, stays at Grandma’s house.”

The problem is A. J. (Alison Jane) Cadell can’t remember Grandma or her house.
Dreaming of becoming a best-selling romance novelist, Alison is invited to Cedar Grove, British Columbia to be a Writer-in-Residence and reside at Thistlewood Manor for a month.

When a resident of the manor is found dead, Alison is drawn into a mystery involving a grandmother she doesn’t remember, a father she thought was long dead, and a handsome firefighter who could be the link to solving the mystery.

Will someone be after her next?

Book Reviews
I thoroughly enjoyed Diane Bator’s Written in Stone, finding it hard to put down. If you have enjoyed previous book series by Diane Bator, then you are going to love this story!
Angela V. - Amazon Review

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