The Ghost on the Beach

Great writing, and very creative, the characters in this book are interesting and ever-changing, love this one.

Foolish Aspirations

I loved this book, and can’t wait to read more of April May Snow and her decidedly wonderful life.

A Skeleton in Bone Creek

I have read all Baers books, he is that good a story teller. Very interesting characters and a smooth running plot. very interesting read.

The Grinding Wheel

‘A powerhouse combination of in-depth legal knowledge, believable characters and a truly twisted villain.’


This is one of those types of books where after reading it you feel that it would make an excellent movie adaptation.

Deadly Bargain

Detectives work to solve murders and get a lethal drug mix off the street, before more people die of overdoses. Well written and fast moving

Game of Bones

Award-winning author. DI Joe Rafferty knows that the murder case against Professor Babbington is as much of a sure thing as he is ever likely to get. So why does every piece of evidence against him also prove his innocence?