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A recipe for intrigue and love:
A young woman determined to find her father’s killer.
An agent of the Crown who feels obligated to protect her.

Miss Marcie Woodforde’s nightmare begins when her father is shot by a traitor. Only moments before he dies, he charges Marcie to find the Earl of Campden and warn him that his life is in imminent danger. As luck would have it, she encounters Campden at an inn in Dover when he saves her from the advances of a drunkard. Afterwards, she refuses to docilely accept the Earl’s word to find her father’s killer. Instead, she defies the Earl and pursues bold steps to expose the murderer, only to find herself caught up in a web of intrigue—and in danger of losing her life as well as her heart.

Ethan Hardy, Earl of Campden, is an agent of the Crown pursing a British traitor. Returning from France, he encounters the distraught Miss Woodforde and learns she bares a message from her dying father that someone is out to kill him. Feeling obligated to protect the young woman, he leaves her in the care of his godmother, the Dowager Countess of Drummond, who takes Miss Woodforde under her wing. But the aggravating Miss Woodforde refuses to leave the investigation to him. As she meddles in the hunt for her father’s killer, Ethan worries for her safety as her efforts to find the killer bring her closer to danger. Can he protect her from the traitor? For that matter, can he protect his heart from succumbing to her charms?

An Unwanted Alliance is a standalone Regency romance, the fifth in the series “Regency Spies to the Rescue” that can be read in no particular order.

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Love it! I thoroughly enjoyed this book! The characters were well developed! I loved how intriguing it was! I couldn’t put it down!
Jennifer Badgett - Amazon Review

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