A Tale of Two Systems

I enjoyed reading a book for a first persons perspective . Learning from a person who can share details from behind the scene first hand knowledge is informative.

The Ghost on the Beach

Great writing, and very creative, the characters in this book are interesting and ever-changing, love this one.

Foolish Aspirations

I loved this book, and can’t wait to read more of April May Snow and her decidedly wonderful life.

Amber Stone Agent Zero

Amber Stone Agent Zero by Amina Warsuma is a book of the very best kind. It’s a great read that successfully combines a lot of things as one.

A Skeleton in Bone Creek

I have read all Baers books, he is that good a story teller. Very interesting characters and a smooth running plot. very interesting read.

The Adventures of Jimmy Crikey

This book is an excellent read for children into their teens. Its exciting, has great morals to be learned about helping others and taking responsibility. It is completely full of fantasy and grabs your attention from the beginning to the end. A wonderful series!!!!

Max Deepfake Revenge

A great read, pacy, interesting and with bitingly honest commentary on the current state of British society today!