Game of Bones

Award-winning author. DI Joe Rafferty knows that the murder case against Professor Babbington is as much of a sure thing as he is ever likely to get. So why does every piece of evidence against him also prove his innocence?

Purging to Thrive

This book is not just another self-help guide. It is a tool to assist you in unearthing and spotlighting several goals—busting distractions that may hinder sustained success.

Rutherford, Canine Comic

The book has plenty of action, and it is written at a brisk pace that entertains the reader, but the jokes are what set it apart from other animal stories. This provides a unique reading experience that merges the realms of adventure story and joke-book in a way that should appeal to middle grade readers among whom both of those genres are widely enjoyed.

The Maltese Incident

The Maltese Incident is a page turning tale of time travel, love, courage, and horror. Get the book now.

Oja and the Parrot’s Curse

Sub-Saharan sorcery meets hope, romance and war in this African adventure alive with curious, quaint and colourful characters.

Mastering Stress, Maximizing Success

This book is not intended to be a “do-it-yourself” guide to mental and emotional health, although it may provide information and insights that will direct ways toward self-improvement. This book is designed to help both individuals and organizations.

Damaged Fruit

A series of gruesome murders, in which the victims are frightened and mutilated provides a challenging case for Detective Chief Inspector Jenny Trent. As the body count rises, the press are calling the police clueless.