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This double cold case and current homicide have Oregon State Police Fish and Wildlife Trooper Gabriel Hawke calling in favors… and exploring a childhood he shoved into the deep recesses of his mind.
While patrolling on the Snake River in Hells Canyon, Gabriel Hawke’s dog digs up a human bone. Hawke is confronted by an aunt he doesn’t remember, and he finds a canister of film when the rest of the remains are excavated. The film shows someone being killed and a rifle pointed at the photographer.
Going through missing person files, Hawke discovers the victims of the decades-old double homicide. A person connected to the original crime is murdered, giving Hawke more leads and multiple suspects.
Attending a local Powwow with his family, Hawke discovers more about his childhood and realizes his suspects have been misleading him.

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This is one of the best books in this series so far... I couldn't put it down and even had a tear or two in my eye towards the end.
Nikkib - Amazon Review

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