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Detectives McGuire and Cortes take on a gruesome homicide case in Long Beach, California, and navigate the complex role of being the murder police in an area marked by homelessness, drug abuse, and gang violence. With little but their combined decades of detective experience to go off of, they investigate personal and gang-related motives in an attempt to identify and arrest their suspect. When a severed hand is found in the desert nearly 100 miles away, their years-long investigation crosses jurisdictions, and they must connect the dots before the bloodbath continues.

Saint Bloodbath explores the true story of multiple heinous crimes, but perhaps more importantly, highlights the lives and experiences of the victims, their peers, and the investigators who sought to bring a murderer to justice.

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"Saint Bloodbath" by Frederick Douglass Reynolds is a bone-chilling tale of a Halloween night massacre in a Los Angeles homeless encampment, leaving detectives McGuire and Cortes grappling with the mystery of the mastermind behind the brutal killings. Reynolds' gritty portrayal of the crime scene evokes visceral reactions, going deep into the harsh realities faced by the downtrodden while providing authentic insights into police procedures and the psyche of the perpetrator. With flawless writing and meticulous attention to detail, "Saint Bloodbath" promises an immersive experience for true crime enthusiasts.
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