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Awakening A Leader’s Soul


Awakening A Leader’s Soul: Learnings Through Immortal Poems is about “Soulful Leadership,” a new human-centric narrative that reimagines the purpose of leadership.

This new narrative believes that in today’s complex and uncertain world the humanity of leaders is significantly more important than their executive brilliance. Accordingly, with the help of different teachers – the timeless wisdom of immortal poems – the book takes current and future leaders on a transformative journey of reflection and self-awareness to help them understand their own humanity and that of the worlds in which they live, so their leadership journeys can increase the wellbeing and prosperity of the greatest many, including planet earth.

And yet the world is different from what it seems to be
and we are other than how we see ourselves in our ravings.
Czeslaw Milosz, “Ars Poetica”

After seeing and hearing themselves in new and different ways, readers can start their own “Soulful Leadership” journeys, using the power and privilege of their leadership positions to make the world a better place.

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"There's much viable inspiration and practical advice between these attractively designed covers...It will appeal to anyone looking to transform the world through thoughtful, soul-oriented leadership."
Blue Ink Review - Amazon Review

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