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Tickled into Submission: Mary Makes Skylar….


Skylar is in a tough place. She took in a new roommate recommended by her building manager who seems like a lesbian. But the new roommate, Mary, did not seem like she was a lesbian.

Skylar judged Mary based on appearances and Mary is pretty. Turns out Skylar should not have judged the roommate book by the sexy cover.

Yes, Mary is a lesbian. Not just your average standard run-of-the-mill lesbian. She is a dominant lesbian out to sexually dominate Skylar!
Mary is far too successful in her seductive domination endeavors. She has Skylar doing all sorts of bizarre sexual acts. Skylar wants out of the situation despite the fantastic orgasms. But she can’t move out and Mary just won’t stop.

Mary isn’t satisfied with sex or domination. She wants to change Skylar forever and make Skylar her creature.

Mary is turning their apartment into a place she calls Mary Land where she rules and Skylar is a second-class citizen. Under the influence of powerful orgasms, Skylar is starting to believe Mary Land truly exists. Does she want to become a citizen?

There is more going on here than simple seduction and domination. There is an evil plot! Skylar will learn what it is and who it involves and that she is not the only target of it.

But what costs will she pay, what acts will she perform, and how much terrible tickling will she withstand to earn that knowledge?

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