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Pippin’s River Rescue


There’s nothing Pippin, the poodle, enjoys more than going to the river. There, he always gets to play with his pals and go swimming. But when Rocket, the young dolphin, gets trapped in a net, the fun-loving poodle must find a way of saving him… BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE! Fun, adventure and learning all in one book with a powerful environmental message.

“I very much enjoyed this sweetly written ‘dog’ adventure. It’s the story of Pippin, a cuddly black poodle who gets to enjoy a fun walk along the river. There were a number of elements of this story I particularly enjoyed. Firstly, it’s well written with plenty of speech which, as we all know, young children love. And there’s not an editing error insight! Secondly, I like the suspense in the second half of the book. I think most young readers will find that exciting and will be on tenterhooks to see what happens. And, finally, I like the ‘nature’ message. So, if you happen to be on the lookout for a smartly plotted ‘animal’ adventure, you can’t go far wrong with “Pippin’s River Rescue”. Young readers will enjoy rooting for the cuddly black poodle – and the environmental message will go down well with grandparents, parents and schools.” – The Wishing Shelf

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This is a very cute book with a message. I love the fact the story went from having fun at the river to learning something very needed. Books are a great way to teach children valuable lessons. I also loved the illustrations. Much needed for all libraries and schools.
Lisa Jacovsky - Amazon Review

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