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Foolish Aspirations

I loved this book, and can’t wait to read more of April May Snow and her decidedly wonderful life.


I could deal with the implosion of my law career if it weren’t for the frighting growth of my paranormal “gifts.”
Moving back in with my folks has its perks, and working with my uncle at his law firm in our sleepy Southern town is excellent for honing my litigation skills. I’m grateful for the summer to form April’s life plan 2.0.
It would be an idyllic mini vacation visiting with the people I love most if it weren’t for the return of the voices. The spirits are always more assertive at home. Since the boating accident, my supernatural abilities have grown at a terrifying pace.
I’m helping plan the defense of a mom of four. The DA believes she murdered her husband. I’m the only one who believes in her innocence, and all the evidence points to her guilt.
I know better than to accept, given the fragility of my psychic state. But I can’t turn down my brother’s request to travel with his supernatural investigation team this weekend. They are researching the next installment of his best-selling Thirteen True Haunts book series and could use my assistance. We’ll investigate recent disturbances at the Osborne hotel in Paducah, Kentucky, which culminated in the suspicious suicide of a hotel associate.
A trip will be fun and an excellent diversion.
It is until we discover an entity worse than any nightmare. I hope we escape the Osborne hotel.
The Foolish series is a blend of sibling relationship humor, metaphysical fantasy, and ghost thriller. Start your April May Snow adventure today.

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I was really impressed with this book. It started a little jumbled to me because I had not read the precursor to this book, however the more I read the more I was impressed with how it melded a “normal everyday world” with the psychic abilities of a female Lawyer, her siblings and others. I look forward to reading the next book.
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I loved this book, and can’t wait to read more of April May Snow and her decidedly wonderful life.