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Max Bomber Revenge

Everything you look for in a thriller! A fantastic read.


He went to rehab to quit the booze, he left with a sultry seductress whose mobster family used a network of social media trolls and hackers to control an international drug empire and to spread state-sponsored misinformation and propaganda.
Someone had to stop him and his manipulative temptress. Someone had to try. But could anyone fight a sadistic beauty, a lust-crazed addict, a house-breaking hitman and their UK bomb maker?
Max and his team have to face abduction, violence, sex traps and hi-tech criminals. Will their ‘trojan mare’ reveal the digital villains, can they survive a final confrontation, and can they stay alive long enough to foil a massive bomb attack
From England to Moldova and USA, the battle against online evil and obsessed twisted criminals can only end in a lethal, explosive showdown.

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Brilliant plot with enough twists to keep you turning the pages, brilliantly written, I look forward to another by the author.
Mrs T D De Villiers - Amazon Review

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Everything you look for in a thriller! A fantastic read.