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Jimmy Crikey’s Adventures in the Sky Islands

A well-written novel with fantastic characters. Loved Jimmy Crikey’s Adventures.


Jimmy Crikey is the orphan alien living on Earth.Because of his strange appearance, Jimmy was bullied beyond endurance.Jimmy saved the underground world of Roombelow from the sleeping spell cast by Matilda, the witch who forgot how to laugh.Gemma, the little lady who lived at the bottom of the well was Jimmy’s greatest friend and once Jimmy restored her to the Diamonites and her lost home in the cave world of Lithania, her tiny niece Jade becomes Jimmy’s greatest admirer.Once freed from the bullies, Jimmy blossomed and he developed into a real hero. He uses his unique Attalian powers to defend Roombelow from many of the dangers that threaten.Far above Earth, the Sky Islands are invaded by the galactic race of Zylons. It needs the power of the four witches, the ancient Weatherman plus the magic of the reluctant apprentice witch, Jade, to overcome the invaders, with a little help from Jimmy.After their victory the Weatherman disappears and the witches unite to search for him throughout the Solar System in Jimmy’s starship.Eventually the search takes them to explore the caverns of Mars. The stick-like beings called Ropians inhabit the lower levels of Mars.They have become an interplanetary threat. Their search for water threatens Earth. The supernatural forces of the four witches, the wisdom of the Weatherman and the knowledge of Jimmy, unite to overcome the threat posed by the Ropians.Will victory assure the release the Weatherman?

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Fantasy books are what make this world a bit magical. I loved reading them and I have high expectations. This novel covered my expectations of magic, well thought out plot, and nice characters. I recommend it for sure.
Meredith Franco - Amazon Review

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A well-written novel with fantastic characters. Loved Jimmy Crikey’s Adventures.