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Captain James Heron First into the Fray

It is a suspenseful and exciting read. Very highly recommended – for both fantasy and historical fiction lovers.


The year is 2202, and the recently widowed Captain James Heron is appointed to stand by his next command, the starship NECS Vanguard, while she is being built. He and his team soon discover that they are battling the Consortium, a shadowy corporate group that seeks to steal the specs for the ship’s new super weapon. The Consortium hires the Pantheon, a mysterious espionage agency, to do their dirty work as they lay plans to take down the Fleet and gain supreme power on an intergalactic scale. When Pantheon Agent Bast and her team kidnap Felicity Rowanberg, a Fleet agent and friend of the Captain, this clash of titans becomes personal. Bast is an expert in bio-disguise and evades several traps as Fleet Security close in. The Captain honors his oath to the Fleet and his growing love for Felicity, and takes decisive action to thwart the Pantheon and protect Felicity at all cost. When you read the explosive final pages of Captain James Heron: First into the Fray, you will be on the precipice of where Captain Heron’s story picks up in Harry Heron: Into the Unknown, when he comes face to face with his twelve times great uncle Harry, who lands on the deck of the Vanguard in the year 2204 straight from a wooden wall sailing ship amid a sea battle with the French in 1804.

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Captain James Heron: First into the Fray is the prequel to Harry Heron: Into the Unknown of the Harry Heron Series by Patrick G. Cox. Set in the distant future, in 2202, Captain James Heron receives a new appointment at the NECS Vanguard, a ship that is being built. The startling discovery of the Consortium's shady activities aimed at stealing the specs of the ship's most powerful weapon puts James Heron and his team at loggerheads with the shadowy corporation. The Consortium enlists the services of Pantheon, a powerful espionage company in an effort to take down the ship. The conflict escalates with the kidnapping of Fleet agent Felicity Rowanberg, a friend of the captain. The kidnapper is no ordinary person; she is agent Bast who is skilled in bio-disguises, using a DNA masking compound. Can the captain track her down and protect the woman he is getting more and more in love with? While the plot is robust and the action pulsating, one of the biggest merits of this science fiction is the stunningly imagined world and the author's unique sense of setting. The reader is transported into a well-imagined world in the future, where intrigue, espionage, and the tussle for power become a constant in the life of the characters. The intergalactic setting is not just intelligently imagined but wonderfully executed. Patrick G. Cox writes in prose that is dazzling and uses language that easily translates complex situations into a reality that is accessible to the readers. The dialogues are superbly written and they augment the level of entertainment and drama in the story. Readers will love the way the author writes relationships and the suspense grows as they follow the captain and Felicity, wanting to know how they would end up. The author's gifts for conflict and fine plotting shine through the narrative. Captain James Heron: First into the Fray is fast-paced and pulsating with action. Patrick G. Cox masterfully invents technology of the future and a world that feels real to readers, a conflict that grows in proportion from one page to the next, and a climax that is as satisfying as only an expert storyteller can deliver. It is a suspenseful and exciting read that will keep you awake through the night.
Cristina Prescott - Amazon Review

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It is a suspenseful and exciting read. Very highly recommended – for both fantasy and historical fiction lovers.