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Your Safe Retirement Roadmap

Strategies for a Secure Retirement – a must-read!


Today we are living longer and longer more than any generation before us, with that comes tremendous opportunities as well as staggering challenges. The opportunities are, that we can dream bigger dreams, spend more time with our loved ones, travel tp farther places, more than out parents and grand parents could have ever imagined. The challenge however, is How do we make sure our money lasts as long as we do!

  • This book will show you how to never ever run out of money in retirement, using my 4 Bucket system.
  • How to never ever lose money in the Stock Market again, while getting very good returns.
  • How to use a little know secret passed by congress back in 2010, which most advisors don’t know about, that provides for creative and tax efficient ways to pay for Long Term Care.
  • How to avoid the retirement Danger Zone, which is the 5 years before and the 5 years during retirement.
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"I've been proud to call Frank an authorized representative of Tarkenton Financial for more than a decade. I've seen his integrity and his commitment to educating clients on their options, something to which we are deeply committed. If you're seeking a sound retirement strategy, I believe Frank's experience and knowledge may be a great asset to you. His work embodies our philosophy at Tarkenton Financial that the mission of business is to help people."
Fran Tarkenton - Amazon Review

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Strategies for a Secure Retirement – a must-read!