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When Her Heart Beats in Indiana

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When Her Heart Beats in Indiana is a heart-wrenching tale of love, sacrifice, and the struggle between mortality and immortality. When a vampire named Edgar releases his beloved from their eternal bond, she returns to her hometown of Mishawaka, Indiana to live out the rest of her days as a human. However, fate has other plans, and a mysterious illness threatens to take her life. Edgar must navigate the treacherous waters of love and duty as he grapples with the difficult decision to break his promise and intervene, or to let her go and embrace her humanity. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Mishawka, Indiana, this story explores the depths of love and the lengths that one will go to protect the ones they hold dear. With each beat of her heart, the stakes get higher, and the battle between life and death rages on.

Will Edgar be able to save his beloved, or will he be forced to watch as she slips away into the great unknown?

Only time will tell in this gripping tale of love and loss.

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This story will touch your heart. Beautifully written and so unique, I felt. I look forward to reading more from this author.
Julie Gilleand - Amazon Review

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This is the book you’ve been looking for!