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Training His Slave

The story’s seamless flow keeps readers eagerly turning pages to witness the compelling bending of wills.


When she begged him to claim her, she had no inkling of the extremes he would go to make her his…for eternity.

Typically, he took submissives under his wing, molded them into perfection, and then released them. Until her. Something about her stirred a primal need to dominate. Whatever she desired, he would provide. While they lived apart, he granted her some freedoms. But now, her carefree existence was at an end.

Submitting to him would not resemble anything she ever imagined, and by the time he completed her training, she would obey his every command without hesitation.

Restless beneath the covers, I lay wide awake, Master cradling my naked body against his sculpted chest. His warm breath brushed against the nape of my neck, igniting a tingling sensation that spread like wildfire through my veins. His powerful thighs nestled between my trembling legs, so intimate after the remnants of our passionate escapades with his friends. The sheer audacity of shedding my inhibitions, and indulging in the seductive dance of pleasure with multiple men, some of whom were nameless faces in the crowd, had electrified my senses. The illicit thrill of embracing the delicate curves of other women, their soft lips interlocking with mine, continued to replay relentlessly in my mind, intoxicating my every thought, and bringing me to one conclusion.
Master, ravage me with your searing touch, leaving an indelible mark upon my quivering flesh. Pierce my body, breaking through the veil of my desires. Brand me, adorning me with intricate designs that meld pain and pleasure into a symphony of raw ecstasy. In your possession, I surrender my very being, craving the intoxicating sense of completeness that only you can provide.

“So eloquent.”
I blinked at his question. “I said that out loud?”
“Yes.” He laughed.
“I’m sorry. I was writing that night’s scenes in my head.”
“Is that what you want? My marks, my brand, piercings, and tattoos? For me to own you?”
“That was before.” A shiver, laden with an undeniable hunger coursed through my body, causing my skin to prickle with anticipation and my senses to heighten.

Book Reviews
The author captures the tension of the power transfer between the submissive and the dominant, especially the taboo feelings associated with the interracial relationship. The story flows effortlessly, making the reader what to keep turning the pages to absorb more intimate details and see how the dominant male bends the submissive's will to his own...
Mike Flowers - Amazon Review

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The story’s seamless flow keeps readers eagerly turning pages to witness the compelling bending of wills.