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This is a very well-written story, and engaging from start to finish. All in all, highly recommend this book to anyone.


Be taken on a journey with Father Steven Trimboli in this powerful novel, These Thy Gifts. Follow him through 50 years of his life as a priest–from a storefront church in Brooklyn to the dangers in Vietnam and beyond. With Father Trimboli’s refreshing mix of determination and spirituality, readers will be inspired by his tenacious fight for justice, faithfulness, and standing up for the oppressed.

Shed light on the complex struggles facing Catholics today in this timely story from Father Trimboli’s unique perspective as an Army Chaplain and pastor. With gripping drama against a vivid backdrop of Brooklyn block parties and treacherous jungles of Vietnam, These Thy Gifts is sure to captivate your attention. On this remarkable journey, find out firsthand how one man comes to terms with seemingly insurmountable injustices during his courageous career as a peacemaker during turbulent times.

You won’t want to miss this unforgettable experience with Father Steven Trimboli courageously revealing what it means to have faith even when confronted with the darkest secrets lurking behind closed doors, secrets that bring him face-to-face with the devastating truth of sexual abuse robbing the innocence of children by those whom they trust most―the church.

Join Father Trimboli and enter a world where faith can still be found among the pain and suffering caused by human atrocities with this dramatic novel These Thy Gifts―a powerful testament to resilience in love that goes beyond religion and glory days loyally living up to its own mission: To Serve The Lord!

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This is a great story that takes a span of over fifty years and it proudly carries the depth and the breadth of such a long period. Steven Trimboli is a Catholic priest, but nevertheless imperfect human being. Yet, if a priest can ever be perfect in his imperfection, that would be this dynamic and highly likable persona. Do the church and the mafia have something in common? When they pair by evil, they most certainly do, but Steven Trimboli is not the one who likes keeping it quiet. That is one of his most remarkable qualities - he is brazen and outspoken and speaks with an honesty that has an almost childlike innocence. Indeed, that makes him a thorn in the eyes of the powerful church people like Barillo and a toy in the hands of the mafia. I found myself cheering for Trimboli and wishing to see more people like him - someone who, for chrissakes, speaks when he needs to! However, he is also torn by his own life’s sins and decisions and this is how his life has an unexpected turn, as he becomes a father and finds surprising love. I loved the characters. They are alive, well-portrayed and carry the action with vigor. Just as Steven is an almost naive justice-seeker, so is Barillo cold-blooded and vicious, the mobster Tony La Marca is not delusional about how will his life end, and Rosalie is a vehement survivor who will engage all her powers when necessary. I loved this beautiful story of life, love and justice - grab it!
Billy O. - Amazon Review

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This is a very well-written story, and engaging from start to finish. All in all, highly recommend this book to anyone.