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The Tales of Mr Mouse and Friends

This book is beautifully written and illustrations are stunning!


Join Mr. Mouse as he tends to his award-winning garden, makes friendships, meets Hilda his future wife, all the while drinking lots of tea and eating lots of cake. Mr. Mouse is a popular character whose door is always open, who is on hand to help anyone who needs assistance, who will rally around a worthwhile cause and who is highly thought of throughout the woodland community. Each chapter is a short story of its own and set in a season, there are twelve chapters following Mr. Mouse over three years. Read about the woodlands during a harsh winter when the woodlands are covered in six-foot snow drifts, during spring when the season is changing from winter, summer when Mr. Mouse’s award-winning gardens are at their best and autumn when the trees and plants are losing their leaves.
Mr. Mouse with a house on the River Louse will become a favourite bedtime story for your children.

Book Reviews
I enjoyed this book a lot. My two granddaughters did also. The casual rhyming was clever and the character names were pleasing. Each chapter is its own story. That makes for a pleasantly short for bedtime. The overarching theme of the book is that family and friends are important and worthy of attention. Another wonderful theme is caring for your surroundings and environment. You are going to enjoy this peaceful visit to the river and woods where Mr. Mouse and his friends live.
Mark Schultz - Amazon Review

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This book is beautifully written and illustrations are stunning!