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The Site

It was nearly impossible to put the book down: the twists and turns were unexpected…


The Site provides a gaze into shadowy government entities and their relationships with enterprises with an otherworldly reach. When London schoolteacher Cicely Denfeld begins experiencing vivid and disturbing dreams, she has no idea that they could be foreshadowing a secret reality that has long been hidden from the public eye. In haunting dreams, Cicely lives out the experiences of strangers Charles Ryder and Vivian Venables, involved in recovering a secret document taken from an American government contractor. While Cicely, with the help of a psychiatrist, seeks to understand the bizarre dreams that plague her, Charles and Vivian follow a trail of hidden knowledge that could impact the entire world. Valrand’s gripping plot introduces new twists to a classical science fiction alien contact story. The plot takes the reader from a cozy flat, a school, a psychiatrist’s office and posh clubs in London to dangerous encounters in a Caribbean island and a spymaster’s office in Miami. A visit to a university library and a meeting at an establishment in Los Angeles called The Red Chalice leads to a virtually unreachable location in the Tehachapi Mountains and a most daunting, dazzling and far-reaching journey.

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"The characters are well-developed and engaging; the storyline is filled with laudable twists that keep readers guessing; and the pacing is pedal-to-the-metal... this is an impressively intricate and relentlessly paced science fiction thriller that will have readers furiously turning pages until the end."
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It was nearly impossible to put the book down: the twists and turns were unexpected…