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The Rosey View of the World

This book is a fantastic read about a one woman‘s fight for peoples rights!


Rosey had a front-row seat in a changing world, but she soon left her seat to push for change, real change. In doing this, Rosey showed her son, the author, the courage needed to fight the obstacles holding him back in his own life. Her life became his greatest story, the story he had to tell.

As she told her soldier husband, the man who broke her heart, “the point is, husband of mine, I never cheated on you, even though you and the Army left me alone for all those years. I spent more than half our marriage being more married to an idea than a man. I think you should say to me, thank you for your service, isn’t that what some people say to you, who respect what you went through in Vietnam? Well, I went through a lot here at home, and I think I deserve the same consideration.”

See history through a new set of eyes in The Rosey View Of The World, the new historical drama written by Andrew Scott Bassett. It’s a history lesson for our time as we witness the events of the twentieth century that shaped our world today. From the beginning of World War II, the Cold War that soon followed, and the war that tore our nation apart, the Vietnam War, it’s all here in this exciting new tale of one woman’s journey to empowerment. Rosey lived the civil rights movement of the 50s and ’60s, as well as the battle for women’s equality that came next, she did this all with her moral compass intact and her stiff British upper lip for the world to see. From the birth of Beatlemania to the king of rock and roll, to the dignity of Martin Luther King Jr., and even the hope of Kennedy’s Camelot, it’s all here in one amazing story.

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I absolutely loved this book! It was a fantastic read. I loved Rosey’s love for life. She had a lot of spunk from the time she was a little girl to adulthood. She had a strong belief in peoples rights and for people to be treated equally and with respect and she wasn’t afraid to say it or show it! I loved this story and I also loved the fact that this story comes from true events. I would recommend this book to anyone. Tori Berry
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This book is a fantastic read about a one woman‘s fight for peoples rights!