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The McCoys Before The Feud

A perfect book for anyone who enjoys historical and/or western fiction.


Readers Favorite and Book excellence award winner 2019 & 2020. International Best seller.
Loyalty, Risk & Reward may as well be the credo for the McCoys as they set off on a dangerous adventure through post-Civil War America; one that tests their family ties, honor, love and courage.

Kansas-Missouri border, 1865. Driven by a self-appointed mission, the McCoys whip up a daring plan to retrieve stolen goods from illegal Northern caches. Their desire is to help the families of their community who were ruined by the bloody and brutal Civil War. Once they retrieve the haul the McCoys will use it to regain what they lost and rebuild the integrity of their reputations and their homeland. The risks for such a scheme run high, but even the fear of death won’t stop them from reclaiming what rightfully belongs to the southern people. Loyalty and trust are tantamount to restoring dignity to a post-war South struggling to survive. The ardor of family and the ambition to re-establish the reputation of the McCoy name is a fire fueled by the trust, love and family pride that assures the McCoys will claim their rightful fortune.

Tommy McCoy and his father, Thomas Sr., lead their kin on a cleverly and skillfully mapped journey to raid northern soldier encampments along the 1865 Kansas-Missouri border. The McCoys’ solidarity and intelligence give them an edge over the rapidly changing conditions that threaten to take them down and keep them from their goals. It takes a heap of McCoy family fidelity and determination, plus a love of adventure, for them to achieve their unified goal. The McCoys’ stealth, precision and patience reap bountiful rewards. But the tension rises once they’ve recovered the bounty. It’s a race against time to reach the farm belonging to Tommy’s sweetheart, before the Northern soldiers can stop them.

The McCoys: Before the Feud is the first book in a deeply-researched historical Western saga. Author Thomas McCoy, a family descendent of the McCoys, spent years researching the saga of the McCoy family to bring readers a brilliant and engaging, fast-paced Western saga. Dusty battles, savage twists and turns and shocking surprises make this beautifully written blend of fact and fiction a true page turner. 2019 Readers favorite finalist award winner in fiction – southern

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This book was a work of fiction based on many historical and factual events and customs. Additionally, a direct McCoy descendant with a family history full of oral tradition and insight wrote it. This adds an interesting dynamic. Could this have been written by someone without this intimate insight? I’m not sure, but it certainly comes across as more knowledgeable about McCoy legacies than an outsider would appear to be. I’m a fan of westerns and fiction. I am typically not as excited about non-fiction; however, a select few novels have caught my attention. This is one of them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel because it blended both the fiction and nonfiction aspects seamlessly. The dialogue vernacular helped you to fully engross yourself in each scene, especially given the 1865 western genre it fits into. (Seriously – it reads like an old western movie, which is something I quite enjoy!)
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A perfect book for anyone who enjoys historical and/or western fiction.