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The Chakras & Mental Health

Dive into the enlightening world of chakras & mental health.


The seven Charkas also referred to as the seven psychic centres or energy centres, each has an influence upon every individual’s mental health. Starting with the Base, where instincts reside, we have mental effects upon everyday choices which affect our overall wellbeing. The sacral chakra impacts our femininity, our sensitivities and mental moods. The solar plexus, whose colour is yellow, affects our masculine features and characteristics. The Heart Charka is the Centre of the Chakra System and processes our energy into feelings. At the Throat Charka, these feelings and emotions are transformed into expressions, creative and physical. Our Third Eye Charka is where our sense of knowing is developed, and finally, at the crown Chakra, we integrate all the Chakras for an overall sense of purpose.Each chakra impacts our mental health in different ways, through colour, mood, psychologically and physically. As the Chakras become imbalanced, so does our mental health and stability. The treatment of these imbalances metaphysically can be achieved through the use of Essential Oils and Crystals. Each Charka has unique oils and Crystals which correspond and can be used as a treatment of imbalances. Each Chakra is also represented symbolically as a lotus with specific numbers of Petals. This symbol is significant in its implications in ancient scriptures but will not be discussed further in this book.

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Unlock the secrets of your mind with Chakras and Mental Health! This groundbreaking book bridges the gap between spirituality & psychology, offering key insights for overall wellness.
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Dive into the enlightening world of chakras & mental health.