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The information that will be gathered will have to be guarded and kept out of the wrong hands. We may need safeguards on the machines themselves like an emergency shutdown. This book makes you think.


The future we talked about a few decades ago has arrived and we are now witnessing a new era of Artificial Intelligence-enabled solutions. AI has gone beyond the world of science fiction that we all know and is already mainstream. Over the years, AI, machine learning and deep learning have all evolved into the new electricity for businesses. More people are getting familiar with automated production lines, chatbots, flying cars, driverless cars and several others – all powered by AI and machine learning.
Businesses around the world such as Rolls Royce, Amazon, Google, Disney, Microsoft etc. are already maximizing AI’s potential. So, how do you take advantage of the numerous benefits of AI to improve your business? Where exactly do you even start from when exploring the use of AI solutions?
The question is not really if your business requires AI solutions because it is absolutely essential for most businesses. What you need is how to discover the perfect AI solution that will suit your needs. This book explores the world of artificial intelligence and also provides a roadmap for the implementation of AI solutions in your business. Here are some of the AI-related topics you will find in this book:

  • The meaning of AI
  • Understanding machine learning and deep learning
  • Different AI use cases – healthcare, agriculture, government, finance, etc.
  • The risks of AI and possible solutions
  • The combination of AI with other emerging technologies – blockchain, AIoT, big data and robotics

By going through the pages of this paper, you will discover what AI and machine learning means, their numerous use cases and smart ways to harness and combine different AI solutions with your business strategy. Discover how AI is impacting product and service design, customer experience, work efficiency and several others by grabbing a copy of this book. The right answers will help you take your business to the next level.
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Book Reviews
AI Compass is an enlightening and thought-provoking book that explores the complex landscape of artificial intelligence (AI) and its impact on society. In this compelling work, renowned author and AI expert delve deep into the promises and perils of this transformative technology, offering readers a comprehensive and accessible guide to understanding AI's potential and ethical challenges. The book begins by introducing the fundamental concepts of AI, tracing its historical development, and highlighting the key breakthroughs that have propelled the field forward. It explains the underlying principles of machine learning, neural networks, and other core AI technologies, providing readers with a solid foundation of knowledge. Drawing on real-world examples, case studies, and cutting-edge research, the author examines the diverse applications of AI across various industries, from healthcare and finance to transportation and entertainment. The book explores the potential benefits of AI, such as improved efficiency, enhanced decision-making, and breakthroughs in medical research. However, it also addresses the ethical concerns and potential risks associated with AI, including privacy infringement, job displacement, algorithmic biases, and the concentration of power. AI Compass delves into the social and ethical implications of AI, encouraging readers to contemplate the ethical frameworks and guidelines necessary to ensure responsible AI development and deployment. It explores the importance of transparency, fairness, accountability, and human-centric design in shaping the future of AI. The book discusses the role of governments, corporations, and individuals in navigating the ethical challenges posed by AI and calls for a multidisciplinary approach to AI development, involving collaboration between technologists, policymakers, ethicists, and the general public. Moreover, AI Compass examines the impact of AI on the job market and offers insights into how society can adapt to the changing landscape. It explores the concept of re-skilling and the need for lifelong learning to thrive in an AI-driven economy. The book also delves into the potential for AI to exacerbate social inequalities and proposes strategies to mitigate these disparities. Throughout AI Compass, the author presents a balanced and nuanced perspective on AI, avoiding sensationalism and fearmongering while acknowledging the genuine concerns and risks. The book concludes by envisioning a future where AI and human intelligence work in harmony, empowering individuals and societies to tackle global challenges and create a more equitable and prosperous world. AI Compass is an essential read for anyone interested in understanding the transformative power of AI, its ethical implications, and the societal implications of this rapidly evolving technology. With its accessible style and comprehensive coverage, the book serves as a compass, guiding readers through the complex and ever-changing landscape of AI, encouraging critical thinking, and inspiring meaningful conversations about our shared AI-driven future.
Richard Anningson - Amazon Review

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The information that will be gathered will have to be guarded and kept out of the wrong hands. We may need safeguards on the machines themselves like an emergency shutdown. This book makes you think.