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Surviving Zeptulgar

Got me back into reading, Amazing book Must Read!


Surviving Zeptulgar is based on the handwritten journal of Johlnz Dezlond Zavix I, discovered hidden in the city of Nel Experza, in the year 0099 AC. His Great-Jarson, Johlnz Dezlond Zavix II, found the journal and published the memoir in the year 0100 AC.
The journal is a first-hand account of life after comet Zeptulgar nearly destroyed the planet of Tanacun, in the year 3988. His journey and involvement with one of the central new communities established to continue the Tana race, is well documented in this, the only known first-hand account.
Johlnz accidentally stumbled upon and was accepted by a group of scientists working to save what little remained of the Tana race; however, survival was far from assured. The group, along with others, needed to journey down to the planet’s equator, the only area of the planet where survival could be possible.

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This is one of the finest Action & Adventure books I have ever had the pleasure of reading “An outstanding writer.”
Ryan - Amazon Review

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Got me back into reading, Amazing book Must Read!