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The Last DateTo Enroll In Campaign is 27th April 2024

Exclusive Book Promotion For MAY 2024

Tweet your Books to more than 362K Readers

Connecting authors directly with more than 362 thousand readers on twitter

What is this?

This special 30 Day Book promotion aims to connect authors with their massive 362k+ Twitter following.

Focusing on promoting your books, the campaign features tweets for the books in the month of May for 30 days.

Participants will benefit from 300 tweets over 30 days, including retweets, designed to increase visibility.

An exclusive graphic banner will accompany tweets, resonating the theme of the book.


Your Book Tweets reach from 10 Twitter accounts to more than 362K Readers

We tweet your book from 10 different accounts to over 362 thousand followers on Twitter. All our followers are real people, and you can verify the authenticity of the accounts by clicking on the account pictures. Posting from multiple accounts will enhance your reach and increase your online presence.


73000 readers following on twitter.


69000 readers following on twitter.


28000 Readers following on twitter.


3288 Readers following on Twitter.


12000 readers following on twitter.


14000 readers following on twitter.


11600 readers following on twitter.


1992 readers following on twitter.


11000 Readers following on twitter.


5322 Readers following on twitter.

We Will Design banner for campaign

  • We design graphic banner for the Twitter campaign to promote your books.  
  • Our primary goal with this promotion is to foster a relationship between you and your readers. People tend to purchase books from authors they are familiar with, and this campaign aims to achieve just that.

How it works?

  • Once the banner is ready, we will craft 30 captivating tweets. These tweets will will promote your book to your readers.
  • Moreover, we will introduce you to new readers by sharing information about the types of books you’ve published. We’ll highlight the genres you write in, creating an ideal connection between you and potential readers.
  • Each tweet will include your Twitter handle, encouraging readers to visit your profile and explore your books. Our goal with these tweets is to increase visits to your Twitter profile, thereby expanding the reach of your future tweets and encouraging more readers to follow you.
  • You will also receive these 30 tweets along with the banners, allowing you to use them for your own promotional efforts.

Important note before you order

  • This special holiday promotion begins on the 21st of December, 2023, and runs for 20 days, concluding on the 10th of January, 2024.
  • The last date to enroll in this special holiday promotion is the 19th of December, 2023.
  • Please note that this promotion does not include tweeting the link to your book; instead, it directs traffic to your Twitter account. Readers can explore your work via your Twitter profile.
  • If you do not have a Twitter account, we advise against ordering this special promotion, as it would not be beneficial for you.
  • The primary purpose of this promotion is to connect you with readers and enhance your online presence as an author.


You will receive 15 tweets daily for the next 20 days from 15 different accounts, all at the rate of $3 per day. Additionally, you get two customized banner images accompanied by 20 unique tweets. This 20-day promotion is designed to boost your online presence in front of 362 thousand followers. You won’t find this offer at such an affordable rate anywhere else.

The Last DateTo Enroll In Campaign is 19th December 2023


TMB Holiday Promotion

60 $
20 Days Special Promotion
  • 15 Tweets Daily To 362K Followers
  • 300 Tweets For Next 20 Days
  • 2 Exclusive banner designed for you
  • 20 different tweets in persuasive language
  • Get Banner Images to use for own promotion
  • Get all 20 tweets to use for own promotion
  • Track tweets in your twitter mention tab

what makes this different

What you will gain from this Promotion?

Increased Exposure to a Large Audience

With a massive following of over 362,000 on Twitter, authors participating in this promotion can significantly expand their reach and visibility.

New Connection with Readers

Unlike typical promotions that focus on the books, this campaign allows authors to tweet holiday wishes directly to readers. This personal touch can help in building a more intimate and loyal reader base.

Enhanced Follower Base

Direct engagement with readers through personalized tweets can attract new followers, thereby expanding the author's follower base on Twitter.

High Volume of Tweets

With 300 tweets spread over 15 days, including retweets, authors will benefit from consistent and prominent visibility. This repeated exposure can aid in keeping the authors' profiles active and engaging to the audience.

Seasonal Branding with Festive Graphics

Each tweet will be accompanied by a festive graphic banner, aligning with the holiday spirit. This thematic branding can make the authors' tweets more attractive and memorable, resonating well with the audience during the holiday season.

Increased Visibility

The combination of a high volume of tweets, retweets, and the festive theme is designed to increase the visibility of authors, potentially leading to more interactions, engagements, and followers on their Twitter profiles.

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