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Over the Fence

Over the Fence is a gripping story of courage in the face of evil Loved It! A Thrilling Page Turner!


Kidnapped from her front yard in Oklahoma eleven years ago, seventeen-year-old Eve Anderson lives a wretched existence in Bell Meade, Minnesota with her abductor, “Papa,” his common-law wife “Mama,” and Honey, Eve’s four-year-old daughter with Papa. Papa keeps the family hidden behind locked doors, boarded-up windows, and an eight-foot tall fence that surrounds their backyard.

Emma Love, also seventeen, recently moved to Bell Meade with her Aunt Vi to take care of her big sister Noelle, who’s in a vegetative state after being savagely beaten by her boyfriend, Jack Armstrong. He is charged with grievous bodily harm, but Emma worries that the popularity and influence of the Armstrong family will keep Noelle from getting the justice she deserves.

When Eve and Emma start talking through the fence that adjoins their backyards, they soon form a connection. Emma finds it comforting to talk to Eve about Noelle, and Eve sees parallels between Noelle’s situation and her own. She acts as Emma’s confidant, but does not reveal her own secrets, for fear of Papa’s wrath if he finds out.

But when Papa decides to marry Eve and move the family to an isolated farmhouse, Eve must risk everything to save herself and Honey. Will she have the courage to escape from Papa before it’s too late? And will Emma have the strength to help her new friend, even as she struggles to save her own sister?

Book Reviews
"When trying to articulate my immense love for this book, I was at a loss for words. It took me a while to recover from the emotional rollercoaster and digest what I'd just read. How could a few hundred words ever do this story justice? Simply put, "Over the Fence" by Debbie Schrack is the best book I've ever read. The trauma, the beauty, and the grief left a permanent imprint on my heart, and I finished the book knowing I would be thinking about the characters long after the last page. This achingly beautiful but poignant story is one of strife and resiliency, and I will never be the same after reading it."
Stephanie Elizabeth Long - Amazon Review

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Over the Fence is a gripping story of courage in the face of evil Loved It! A Thrilling Page Turner!