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New Friend – True Friend

A lovely poetic story with great illustrations & beautifully written!


One reviewer states: “An absolutely delightful story about friendship, beautifully written and well illustrated, to be enjoyed by children and adults alike. A joy to read aloud and share. It touches some of the deeper issues in a developing friendship, beyond enjoying a common activity.” Judi TsudoAuthor Ruth Nott states: “When my children were young, we were an Air Force family and moving from one base to another became a way of life and often a problem for the children when they had to leave old friends behind and try to make new ones in their new hometown. Thus, developing a new friendship became a part of this poem written over 30 years ago when my children were almost grown.New friends don’t have to be just like you. They can be black, white, red… or maybe even green. Feeling betrayed can also be a part of a new friendship before we truly get to know someone. But that feeling can be turned around when our new friend keeps their promises and a spirit of kindness and understanding grows between them. Dominic Dragon keeps his promise to Jason and does it right away, forestalling the disappointment and turning Jason’s frown into an uplifting smile.‘New Friend – True Friend’, written for children age 3-8, teaches a lesson in trust, kindness, and hope while showing concern for others and how important a promise kept can be to a child. Through the printing of this book I hope to encourage children and adults everywhere to believe in themselves and the power of friendship. Talented freelance illustrator Debbie Hefke has brought Dominic and Jason to life through her brilliant interpretations of the characters, colorful and delightful imagery, and her devotion to bringing to life the characters and spirit I imagined for my poem when I dreamed of one day turning it into a children’s picture book.”

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A wonderfully sweet story about a young boy who befriends a dragon, and takes him kite flying. It displays the value in friendship and the illustrations are just gorgeous. I love the rhyming prose throughout, and this will be highly engaging for younger kids to read or listen to at bedtime. Really enjoyed this one
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A lovely poetic story with great illustrations & beautifully written!