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Leadership With A Purpose

Engineering-focused problem solving and simple, casual writing style that’s easy to read


In today’s world, effectively motivating and managing highly intelligent technology professionals is challenging. Around the world, people are more educated, informed and highly social about their careers and employers, making retention and employee happiness a full-time job. In fact, companies are beginning to recognize these impacts and have begun employing more “PeopleOps” type human resources professionals to tackle this head-on.

The reality is that most engineers don’t leave jobs, they leave managers. While having a swanky and modern human resources strategy helps keep the company on the cutting edge of benefits and overall happiness, it does not solve the root problem – having good managers that motivate engineering teams.

In the remote and global workforce that we all participate in, establishing a healthy work culture with safe boundaries is an ongoing task that cannot be forced. Add in the complexities of global cultural differences and political phenomena; it’s every leader’s nightmare to manage well.

This book will cover what makes an engineering culture, how to cultivate it, and how to build trust with your teams.
After reading this book, you can effectively motivate, inspire and lead engineering professionals of all levels that are happy and loyal to you.

With years of experience within the software engineering and technology sectors, Robert Murphy has become an expert in building healthy company cultures and motivating engineering professionals.

Once deemed “The King of Culture” by a previous employer, he is passionate about helping other technology leaders on their mission to build highly effective teams. In this debut book, Robert describes his proven methods and provides a roadmap to successful leadership with a purpose!

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This book provides different perspectives and strategies for leaders to attract and retain top engineers. By cultivating a workplace culture that raises the bar, encourages others to grow and provides opportunities for others to lead, you will have colleagues that are loyal to you and are highly motivated.
Juan Gomez - Amazon Review

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Engineering-focused problem solving and simple, casual writing style that’s easy to read