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A beautiful tale of resilience, endurance, and ultimate victory over adversity. Highly recommended.


The decision to write 480 Codorus Street was one riddled with the need to share my story with future generations to ensure they know they can overcome adversity. However, there was also apprehension about reliving events that have left scars that have not completely healed. Without resilience, I would have never endured and conquered the challenges that were placed upon me. I have endured a lifetime of challenges that forced me to make the decision to surrender or fight. I chose to fight! Fight for my safety. Fight for my mother’s belief in me. Fight for my Future. Fight for my children. Fight for my will to succeed and ultimately fight for MYSELF!

Through all of the Unpredictability and Trials and Tribulations, I had Endurance and support from the Angels God put in my life in the form of my mother, my nanny, and my husband. My mother engulfed me in her gentle strength and unconditional love. She had faith that I would succeed and she was proud of me every step of the way. My nanny shared with me her wisdom and understanding of life. My husband Aaron, who has traveled this road with me through the memories that haunted me, the struggles we endured raising a family, and the losses I thought would kill me. Aaron’s love comforted me and his compassion allowed him to understand when I thought he could not or would not. He continues to walk this road along with me creating new stories, traveling the world and spending time with our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren.

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Endurance: 480 Codours Street Book 3 by Sandra L. Kearse-Stockton is a very commendable book about the author’s personal experience. The purpose of the book is to make the reader understand that no matter the situation and problems you are passing through; you can overcome them through endurance. The author also talked about letting go of some of the events that have left you with scars on you. there are so many salient points that the author also in this book which include the need to stand up for those that so much cast their beliefs in you. My case is not so much different from the author’s experience. Whenever the pressure of giving up beclouds my mind, I simply look at my children and continue pushing ahead for their sake. I can relate to this book so much that I would love to recommend it to other readers facing similar challenges in life like myself. Ever since my friend recommended this book to me, I now have a renewed fighting spirit to keep going, knowing fully well that I am not alone in this fight. Thank you Sandra for this timely and very insightful book.
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A beautiful tale of resilience, endurance, and ultimate victory over adversity. Highly recommended.