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Bitch Hunt

A great read. Interesting and informative. Like to read about real life strong women.


In the United States of America, racism against Black women still reigns unjustly. From within the secluded judge’s chambers to the courthouse parking lot, I’ve gathered five different incidents where powerful Black women are forced to come face to face with being on the other side of the law.
We follow the stories of Desirée Mary Charbonnet, Gay Polk-Payton, Angela Stokes, Rhonda Crawford, and myself—we happen to be some of the most prestigious Black judges and attorneys in the legal system. Readers follow our experiences in the Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, and Illinois judicial systems as we explore the fascinating and intricate dynamic of women in positions of power. Desirée, Gay, Angela, Rhonda and I are connected by one simple, yet complex dynamic: Black womanhood. What will our endgame be as women who are committed to upholding and enforcing what is right? Will we succumb to the pressures of America’s hand, or will we push forward in the face of adversity?

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Though the title will definitely get attention, the book itself is well worth the read. B!tch Hunt by Taetrece Harrison shows that women (including herself) have gone through challenges and difficulties as they not only pursue their careers but try to navigate life. The book takes a look at not just these women and their journey to realizing a dream but the obstacles they faced to hold on to it. Some were successful. Others were not. For me the book is all about realizing what challenges are out there even today for minorities in general and women of color in particular. It also reminds us of what is possible if we don't give up on our hopes and fears.
Cyrus Webb - Amazon Review

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A great read. Interesting and informative. Like to read about real life strong women.