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“Written well with interesting anecdotes and quotes…provides a wealth of information. Recommended”


Animation has been part of television since the start of the medium but it has rarely received unbiased recognition from media scholars. More often, it has been ridiculed for supposedly poor technical quality, accused of trafficking in violence aimed at children, and neglected for indulging in vulgar behavior. These accusations are often made categorically, out of prejudice or ignorance, with little attempt to understand the importance of each program on its own terms. This book takes a serious look at the whole genre of television animation, from the early themes and practices through the evolution of the art to the present day.

Examining the productions of individual studios and producers, the author establishes a means of understanding their work in new ways, at the same time discussing the ways in which the genre has often been unfairly marginalized by critics, and how, especially in recent years, producers have both challenged and embraced this “marginality” as a vital part of their work. By taking seriously something often thought to be frivolous, the book provides a framework for understanding the persistent presence of television animation in the American media–and how surprisingly influential it has been.

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As an avid fan of cartoons and knowing the history of cartoons travels back to when television started, I immediately wanted to learn the history and the truth about the industry. David Perlmutter brilliantly writes the book with the objective of a backstage tour guide showing the behind-the-scenes and why cartoons are still famous since 1908. Perlmutter structured the book to get in the grit and glue of the industry from the planning phase, construction, and release of the cartoon on television. It’s incredible to see the transformation from the early 1900s to advanced computer-generated technology and counting in 2022. With the fascinating illustrations, creative scripts, and colorful settings, I can finally see why cartoons became a massive phenomenon on Saturday mornings. An exceptionally well-edited structure, an informative and enticing plot, and fascinating information presented throughout make this book a must-read for everyone.
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“Written well with interesting anecdotes and quotes…provides a wealth of information. Recommended”