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A Tale of Two Systems

I enjoyed reading a book for a first persons perspective . Learning from a person who can share details from behind the scene first hand knowledge is informative.


Travel to the depths of the Soviet Union, a breath before its dissolution, alongside an English engineer, assigned by his company to install a computer system in the Soviet Department of Information Technologies! This edition includes a schematic of the region showing geographic relationship between Ukraine, Russia, and Armenia. The area is a cocktail of interacting cultures; Asia, Soviet Union and Middle East.

When a small team of engineers is asked to install an old computer system in the Soviet Union, their worldview changes forever. Living in the Communist system for three long months, they admire and respect the Russian and Armenian cultures, the beautiful countryside, and warm and friendly ordinary people. However, it isn’t long before they discover how difficult it is to live in such a regime. Even though the Soviet Communist system was based on ideals determined to provide employment for all citizens, it was still highly controlled.

As the installation progresses, encounters with the KGB intensify. We see what Communism really meant to the working class and what freedom meant in the West.

This book is a narrative of experiences, notes, and observations; collected and documented first-hand in the personal diary of one of the engineers, while living in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR). The author of the diary isn’t a political analyst, but his stay in Moscow and Yerevan changed his life. When his job was over, and he returned to the United Kingdom, he found that the discrepancy between the two systems was staggering. However, that became even more evident when his next engineering job took him to the United States. The freedoms Americans enjoyed and had access to, but didn’t always appreciate, were dissonant compared to what he had experienced in the USSR.
This book provides a comparison between the two systems. It serves as a precious eye-opening insight into what it was like, living in two utterly different government systems.
Inside this book, you’ll learn:

  • How Russia went from an Empire to being the first communist nation in the world.
  • How the communist system and the Soviet Union came to be.
  • What it was like to live and work inside the USSR.
  • How the Soviet society compared to a democratic society.
  • First-hand knowledge of real-world comparisons between the communist way of life in the Soviet Union, versus the taken-for-granted freedom of the West.
  • How the gulf between countries has nothing to do with people and everything to do with politics.
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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and found it truly fascinating to read what life really was like in the USSR in those times. I felt as if I was there going through the journey with the author and truly enjoyed his descriptions of the people and scenery. It's also a very good reminder of how lucky we are in the West.
Miss P Gaffikin - Amazon Review

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I enjoyed reading a book for a first persons perspective . Learning from a person who can share details from behind the scene first hand knowledge is informative.