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Tweet your book to the network of 112K+ readers

We deliver tweets to our network of 112K+ readers, amplifying your message and getting your book tons of extra exposure.


Why twitter is the best platform for books?

Twitter is the most engaging channel for readers, beating Facebook and Instagram by 74% to 26% and 25% respectively. With over 140 million monthly active users, it’s the go-to place for news, ideas and interaction across all platforms.

Book marketing service that delivers

“There are many sites out there today that offer you book marketing service but they all have one thing in common; high cost. Tweet My Book on the other hand provides effective book promotion service  for almost half the price of its competitors and with just as good, if not better results!

Amy E. Reichert



10 tweets Daily About Your Book From 5 Twitter accounts to more than 112K+ Readers

We tweet your book from 5 different accounts to over 112 thousand followers on Twitter. All our followers are real people, and you can verify the authenticity of the accounts by clicking on the account pictures. Posting from multiple accounts will enhance your reach and increase your online presence.


69000 readers following on twitter.


28000 Readers following on twitter.


12000 readers following on twitter.


1992 readers following on twitter.


3288 Readers following on Twitter.



We ensure your Book’s success with these amazing features


Deep Linking URLs​

When a reader comes across our tweet and is checking tweets on desktop, it will open on the browser. Still, if the reader is checking tweets on mobile (What most people do), it opens in the amazon app due to our deep linking technology. (No other book marketing service does that).


Eye Catching Images

A study from BufferApp suggests that 74% of people read photos and videos. Only 16% read on texts, which has always been considered complementary to images.


Image cards

When anyone likes the photo and clicks it, the view expands, and readers have to go and click the link again to buy your book.

We tweet with image cards. Readers click the image and land directly on the amazon page.


Universal Book Links

When someone clicks it from the US, it will land the reader on US Amazon, and If the reader clicks the link from the UK, the book will open in UK Amazon, creating ease for the buyer to his preferred market.


Live Book Promo Report

You can check your book marketing in real time. We send you a unique link that tells you the live report of book marketing. It shows number of clicks, readers location, and all the related stats

Start your book promotion with these amazing features at a price that is extremely affordable than hiring an assitant

30 Day May Book Promo

30 Day Book Promo



Author's Success Stories


What Authors
say about us

“As an indie author, it is imperative that social media is utilized to the max to help successfully promote your book. Trouble free and exactly as advertised. I highly recommend TMB to the authors looking for an extra hand in book marketing.”
Angelina Perry
TMB has helped me market my book, "The Pi of Life" on Twitter. I have been happy with his efforts and the results and recommend him to any author who is seeking ways to increase their reach.
Roland Byrd
"Detail oriented, professional promoter of books. Has a willingness to help other succeed in their endeavors. Amazing service.."
Vanessa Johnson
TMB is a creative book promotion service, and excels at their work. They displays originality and persistence, two very important qualities.
Joss Landry
Author & Publisher
“I like the promotional piece TMB did for my novella, and having links verifying all of the posts is great. I have another novella coming out in September I will have to order another promotion then.
Paul Smith
30 Day Special May Promotion

Entries Open For The Book Promotion Slots For The Month Of May 2024 At Discounted Price.

The book promotion will start from 1st May 2024 and will run till 30th may 2024 for 30 days. The last date to enroll in the campaign is 25th April 2024. After 25th April we will not take any entries for the book promotion campaign of May. 


A creative book promotion service

“I am an independent author. Social media is a key way to help promote my book and thanks to Tweet My Book I can now do just that.

Although promoting my book was always on my to-do list it never seemed like the right time or even if I had the skills necessary for this task. Now with Tweet My Book all of these things are done, which saves me precious time on matters more suited for myself such as writing another chapter in one of my books!”

Michelle Rene



You've got questions? We have answers!

We have more than 200 thousand readers on our Tweetmybook Twitter network; We tweet your book everyday for 28 days to them.

Book Impression offered is 50000 Minimum (Pro Plan)
Clicks offered 600 Minimum (Pro Plan)
These are guaranteed minimum numbers. We do not wish to make any false promises that we can not deliver later and open a dispute.

Health care or healthcare is the maintenance or improvement of health via the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, amelioration, or cure of disease.​

We will refund your full money in following cases

  • We do not deliver tweets as promised
  • We tweet without images
  • If the link we share on twitter is broken
  • If there is no book listing (In case if you are using the add-on)

Please contact us here for any questions